• All in one

    Get a clear view of your financial health, from current spending to budgeting and gain from customised investing tips

  • Pay all bills

    Get bill pay alerts and a one stop payment window for all bills, together with helpful tips to save on your expenses

  • Free credit check

    Keep tabs on your credit health with our free credit check and get automatic tips on keeping a good credit score

Intuitive Features, Powerful Results!

Faayda.com is versatile to help anyone’s money management make sense without much effort. There’s no wrong way to use it, and nothing to lose once getting started. You’ll be surprised how your life can change when numbers start making sense

  • Budgets that work

    Create budgets you can actually stick to, and track how you’re spending your money

  • Money on the go

    Phone & tablet apps to manage your money from wherever you are

  • Bill pay made effortless

    Organize bills in one central place and pay them on the spot

About Faayda.com

Our simple goal with faayda.com is not just to save you money but make your money work for you! Your very own personal financial expert who monitors your financial health and helps your reach your financial goals in life. Why work hard for your money when you can make your money work hard for you… after all isn’t that where the real FAAYDA is? Feel free to contact us on: info@faayda.com